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Varipay is a platform that safely stores and moves value between users in an instant. The system enables direct asset transfers to take place without the need for an intermediary. This Ultra-Modern System for payments brings together all the benefits of cash as a bearer asset to establish and build a fiat-backed currency that is digital.

Varipay is a fully-distributed asset transfer system that has a new protocol for transfers that enables safe, instant payments over a range of use-cases. The technology underpinning our platform was developed by one of the most well-known and highly regarded names in E-Transactions.
All transactions guarantee non-repudiation and are final. Users exchange money by using cryptographically secure payment messages that ultimately transfer the value from one user to another. It is extremely safe and ultra-secure.

How Does VariPay work?

The Varipay platform works reliably and securely. It is a system of distributed secure asset storesvaults, along with a built-in protocol for messaging that allows trusted asset transfer across channels that would otherwise be considered unsecure. Value Transfer Messages include the instructions and value information and act as the key that to enables immediate clearing and settlement.

When ‘value’ is transmitted from one asset vault to another, a message is produced and then digitally signed using bank-grade security elements that insist on the very highest security level. Because these messages are cryptographically signed and can only be accepted by the intended recipient, the Varipay platform can easily use unsecured channels for transmission thereby further lowering the overall cost and risk attached.

VariPay: Revolutionizing Global Payments

Learn more about exactly how Varipay is revolutionizing the global payments landscape.


Key Advantages


• Instantly move value
between currencies

• Provide E-Transactions
in multiple currencies

Immediate Settlement

• Significantly lower risk as payment transactions are always final

• Value embedded messaging format

• Instant transfer and settlement of value

Open and Secure APIs

• Fully-secure API accessibility with authorization and authentication

• Live and Sandbox environments for production


• Cryptography that can be configured to match security/risk

• Bank-grade HSM’s for digital payment message signing

• Varipay platform has dynamically upgradable cryptography

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Integration Made Easy

The Varipay payment engine allows developers to create payment solutions that easily integrate using open APIs. This allows payment SP’s, banks, and businesses to modernize their payments, and to safely store and move value digitally between party’s immediately, without needing any intermediaries. The Varipay Platform utilizes ultra-modern cryptography that is backed-up with bank-grade HSM security that is deployable both as an on-premise solution or a cloud solution.


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