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We are known by the company we keep and our customers love us.

New to processing and in the CBD business. Varipay offered fair rates and excellent turnaround time. We were transacting in 2 weeks.

JV Pavanantham, CCO

We have been using Varipay for a few years now and we have been extremely satisfied with their services, rates and knowledge. They are there when we need assistance and offer immediate solutions allowing us to focus on our patients' care!

Mike Mihelic, Director

Varipay has been a crucial piece of setting up and running our business. Their staff is have gone above and beyond to help Supreme Products launch our website.
They offer scalable services with good rates and the best customer service!

Ilya Strashan, Director

Varipay relieved me of all the guessing work experienced in setting up my first merchant account. They provided clear guidance and great value. Totally satisfied!

Stephen Davis, Owner

Varipay made the decision process quite easy, put all the hidden fees to rest and provided the best possible solutions to our unique needs. Onboarding and training our team was a breeze. Recommend!

Ray Coules, Credit Manager

We were looking for CBD processing and were referred to Varipay.

They helped us out every step of the way, and we were transacting in no time.

Tom, Senior Sales Representative

It's been an absolute pleasure working with Varipay. They've been very helpful and clear from START to END. Highly Recommended!

Kansen Franco, CEO

Varipay talks the talk and walks the walk. Our monthly fees were crystal clear and their customer service representative demonstrated a good understanding of our business and it’s needs. Excellent value!

Jennifer Brice, Office Manager

I have worked with many different payment processing companies in my day. Varipay restored my faith in an industry that is often described as the necessary evil to doing business. Varipay being the lesser evil. Great service provider!

Sandy Han, CEO

Why should I choose Varipay?

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All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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Transparent Rates And Fees No Hidden Fees

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No Monthly Minimums Or Lengthy Contracts

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No Early Termination Fee

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Detail Account Reports and Timely Funding

customer support (1)

24/7 Customer Support

How does the application process work?

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      Determine if you fall into the 'high risk' or 'low risk' category. It takes 5 minutes to complete.
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    2. Receive A Quote
      We review your business and provide you a quote within 24 hours. No haggling with a sales representative.
    3. Start Accepting Payments
      Start transacting within two weeks! If we require further details we will reach out via email or phone.


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