Low Risk Merchant Accounts

Merchants classified as “low-risk” will typically have standard processing fees, standard policies, and chargeback protection.

Accepting credit cards in store

Varipay provides innovative, tailor-made payment solutions to low-risk merchant accounts. Our extensive experience ensures that we are perfectly aware of all nuances of your business sector. We have established long-term and stable partnerships with a large number of processing partners and maintain a high competitive position. This combination of factors allows our company to offer the most advantageous terms and conditions for merchant accounts.

While the criteria for being a low-risk merchant can vary by provider, general qualities of low-risk companies include:

  • Card present / Brick-and-mortar transactions
  • Operating in a low-risk field like book sales, apparel retail or medical services
  • Card terminals / e-terminals
  • A monthly sales volume of $20,000 or more
  • An average ticket size of $50 or more
  • Zero to low chargeback ratio
  • Incorporated in a low risk country
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